General sales conditions

for the reservation of the room in the CUBE

The General sales conditions apply to the contractual relations between the clients and the CUBE hereinafter referred to as “Hotel”. These General conditions are the only applicable ones. The Hotel is entitled to amend the General sales conditions at any time, without having to inform the client. The General sales conditions are in any case an integral part of the contract.

Field of application

These General sales conditions apply to contracts of the hotel services as well as to every other benefit and service in relation to it.

1. Booking

All hotel bookings are contractually binding. Only those modifications to the services are final, which were confirmed or reconfirmed by the hotel and the client in written form. The definitive services concern the booking confirmations. If the client ads other clients, he will be held responsible for the amount of the invoice that this addition has caused. Bookings on the day of arrival obtain immediate acknowledgement by the hotel only by a confirmation in written form.

1.1 Ability

Every client acknowledges to possess the ability to contract, which means having the legal majority and not being under guardianship or legal restraint.

1.2 Relocation

In case of no availability at the hotel or in case of force majeure, the latter has the option to accommodate the client entirely or partially at a hotel of the same or of a higher category that is offering the same range of services. The transfer will be charged to the hotel operator, while no additional compensations can be claimed.

2. Pre-booking

The data concerning the pre-booking are binding for both contracting parties. After the pre-booking date has expired, the hotel can immediately dispose of the rooms, as long as there is no mutual confirmation by both parties.

3. Arrival and Departure

If no particular agreement was made, the client can dispose of the rooms from 4 p.m. on the day of arrival. He has to vacate the room on the day of departure at 10 a.m. at the latest. The clients accept that a print of their credit card is taken for the purpose of guarantee.

4. Number of participants

The client has to inform the hotel operator of the definitive number of participants.
Animals are not accepted at the CUBE.

5. Booking cancellation

5.1 The cancellations of the stay at the hotel have to be done in written form as far as possible in advance. If the entire booking has been cancelled, the cancellation fees hereunder are due:

- Between 0 and 7 days prior to arrival 100% of the amount is due
- Between 8 and 15 days prior to arrival 50% of the amount is due
- Between 16 and 30 days prior to arrival 25% of the amount is due
- Up till 31 days prior to arrival the booking can be cancelled free of charge
- In case the client does not show up (no-show), 100% of the total accommodation fee is due.

An arrival after 7 p.m. on the day of arrival (individual guest) gives the hotel operator the right to dispose of the room. This does not apply if a late arrival has been clearly agreed upon, a credit card has been given or a pro forma invoice issued, to guarantee this reservation. A firm can also issue a guarantee for a late arrival. In that case, an exact address has to be provided.

5.2 The hotel operator reserves the right to cancel the contract without prior notice, for justified and extraordinary reasons such as:

- a case of force majeure or other circumstances outside of the hotels’ influence, which make it impossible to fulfil the contract;

- the booking has been made providing false information (about the person of the client or the purpose of the booking);

- the hotel has funded reasons to assume that the use of its services will interrupt the hotel’s activities and/or damage the security and the image of the hotel in the eyes of the public.

If the hotel has funded reasons to assume that the booking will interrupt the hotel’s activities and damage the security and the image of the hotel in the eyes of the public, the hotel operator is entitled to cancel the booking without compensating the client. In such a case, the client has no right to claim damages.

6. Prices and modes of payment

6.1 The prices result from the booking confirmations, the current prices, or from specific contractual agreements. The prices are calculated in Swiss Francs and include the lodging tax (CHF 3.– per adult/per day).

6.2 Moreover, the prices can be modified, whenever the client wishes to make changes to the reserved rooms, the hotel’s services or the length of the stay with the approval of the hotel operator.

6.3 Within the frame of the booking, the hotel reserves the right to ask partial or total advance payments in case of an important booking. The deposit and advance agreed upon have to be paid to the bank account of the hotel before the fixed date. If payments arrive late or not at all, the hotel operator is no longer bound to deliver the contractual services. Instead of an advance payment, the hotel operator can also demand a credit card as a guarantee.

6.4 The client undertakes to pay all the accommodation costs, only when he makes an online booking.

6.5 The accommodation costs can be paid by the firm of the client by bill, if the client’s firm confirms in advance to take over the costs. The hotel bills have to be paid without deductions at the latest 30 days after being issued. The hotel operator reserves the right to accept or not that the costs are taken over. If he does not accept it, the client has to pay the entire cost for the accommodation at his departure.

The hotel operator reserves the right to demand the immediate payment of unpaid bills.

6.7 In case of unpaid bills, the hotel operator reserves the right to apply the current legal interest rate of 8% on top of the basic interest rate. The hotel operator could also demand a reminder fee of CHF 5.– for every payment reminder. Moreover, the hotel operator reserves the right to prove and demand compensations for additional damage caused by such payment delays.

7. Responsibility

7.1 Responsibility of the CUBE

The hotel cannot be held responsible by the client for any kind of deliberate or premeditated deterioration within the context of the contract or outside the contract. The client has to supply evidence. The hotel operator has to be informed about the damages latest at the time of departure of the client. If goods brought by the client, like clothes or communication tools, have been stolen or altered, the hotel operator is not liable for it. The hotel operator duly transmits the information or the goods precisely and in time. He cannot be held responsible for not guaranteeing the above-mentioned points. The hotel operator endeavours to prevent any damage, but neither him nor the hotel personnel can be held responsible. The hotel operator cannot be found guilty for damages caused solely by the clients.

7.2 The responsibility of the client

The client is responsible for all the facts, damages and losses, which result from his actions and from the persons in his circle. The hotel operator does not have to supply evidence for such actions. Therefore, an additional invoice or the debit from the credit card of the client will be authorised, in order to cover the costs and loss of income due to those actions.

7.3 Complaints

Every complaint has to be submitted to the hotel within 30 days from the date of departure.


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