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Day of arrival

16th December 2015 


46.368189 / 8.201580                                    


Day of departure

23rd December 2015  




Binntal is known as «the valley of hidden treasures» and for its wealth of mineral resources. Flora and fauna are utterly diverse, too. The villages and hamlets with their sun-kissed houses are in such a well-preserved condition that they have been recognised as townscapes of national and regional importance. They are located in a sound cultural landscape, which has always been treasured with a lot of effort and love. In the last few years Ernen has gained a reputation as the music village, in which there are many high quality concerts with international musicians during the summer. Due to a unique wild species of tulips, which blooms on some old rye crop fields in the second half of May, Grengiols has recently become known as the village of tulips.



Historic, cultural, unique, culinary, rich in minerals






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